Hi-Lift Jacks

Made from high quality tensile strength grades of malleable castings and with a lifting capacity of 1050kg, the ARB Hi-Lift jack and ARB Hi-Lift jack X-treme have become staple recovery items amongst four wheelers all over the world.

The Hi-Lift jack X-treme incorporates durable gold-zinc coated hardware, a quick release lever and one position set-up for all winching, clamping and spreading requirements.

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The JackMate replaces the standard jack’s limited capacity top clamp with a multipurpose attachment that is rated to the full capacity of the jack as a clamp, winch, spreader or base.


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Lifting Aids

Bumper Lift Kits and Lift Mates are both available to create an alternative jacking point for vehicles that do not have a suitable jacking point.


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Jack Bag

Manufactured from durable vinyl, the Hi-Lift jack bag is designed to suit 48″ jack models and incorporates a separate pocket that will fit an Off Road Base or other accessories.



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Neoprene Jack Cover

The neoprene Hi-Lift jack cover is the ideal way to keep your jack’s lifting assembly protected from debris such as mud, dirt and road grime. It has been designed to greatly reduce the amount of contaminants that can accumulate in the working mechanism of the jack.

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Jack Mounts

Some ARB bull bars incorporate jacking points to allow a Hi-Lift jack to be mounted directly onto the bar during recovery. If your bull bar does not feature these, jack mounts are available to create a suitable jacking point.


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Adjustable Tube Mounts

Available in two sizes to cater for different width tubing, the adjustable tube mounts allow owners to mount a Hi-Lift jack to any round tube including roof racks, roll bars, tray hoops and ladder racks.


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Off Road Base

The heavy duty moulded Off Road Base helps prevent jack sinkage on soft ground.



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Off Road Kit

The Off Road Kit incorporates everything you’ll need to winch using a Hi-Lift jack, in a durable gear bag.



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These polyurethane Handle-Keepers hold the Hi-Lift handle to the upright steel bar, keeping it in place when not in use and eliminating rattling during transportation.



X-Jack Exhaust Jack

The easy to store X-Jack is an invaluable recovery tool when you find yourself stuck in sand, mud or snow. It inflates via a hose that connects to your vehicle’s exhaust or a portable air compressor to offer up to 75cm of vehicle lift and a lifting capacity of 4000kg.

The X-Jack has been specifically designed to help keep the unit on the ground and avoid sinkage.

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